Definitive solution – How to receive returns or reprints from a fraudulent broker

If you were the victim of fraud or scam from a SCAM broker and you lost a significant amount of money, you have a alternative that you can use to try to solve your problem. Pay attention and do not lose detail of anything because surely this topic may interest you.

In the following article we will talk about the returns and refunds that we have the option to make in fraudulent binary options brokers . Known as SCAM, these trading platforms are not reliable and in principle you should not even register.


From we give you good news, after much effort and research, we found a method by which those scammed by a SCAM broker can act with a company of lawyers, both in credit or debit card scams, as in bank transfers.

This method is better than the return of charges through the bank, since this website will take care of all the necessary paperwork to recover your money, and you will not have to go to the bank, you just need to go, if you need to request the documents .



Below I leave some frequently asked questions and their respective answers so you can better know how this company returns charges, are the doubts that every person can have before making the registration.

  1. Question – Ask the advisor, information about the process since a person registers and pays, what is the process that follows? What documents do you have to send?
    1st Response – First of all, we will review the details of each case by phone and determine if you have a case. If affirmative and if the client would like to use our services, we would prepare the required documentation for the bank to process the chargeback correctly.
    The client would need to provide all the relevant data of their account information in order to formulate the chargeback documentation correctly. All of our clients know, without professional knowledge of the chargeback process, that banks do not fully understand how their client was scammed.
    Without the in-depth knowledge of the client’s case and its correct presentation, the brokers could successfully challenge the chargeback.
  2. Question – How much do you have to pay exactly for this service, is it for amounts scammed?
    2nd Response – Depending on the complexity of the cases and the evidence received, we offer different services at different prices. There are many factors that change the complexity of the case. For example, method and time of deposit, amount deposited, services provided to the client by the broker, terms and conditions of those services, previous actions that the client took against the broker, etc.
  3. Question – How often does the complaint take to be accepted or rejected by the bank?
    3rd Response – The general credit / debit card dispute process will take between 2 and 3 months on average, if there are no delays or unusual processing times. The general wire transfer dispute process (Wire) will take approximately 6 months to complete.
  4. Question – What percentage of complaints are successful? and if it is more likely to succeed for smaller amounts, than for older ones, or not?
    4th Response – For the cases we accept, we win the vast majority of them. As mentioned above, each case presents its own unique factors that will change the success or failure of the case. However, the amount deposited may affect the credit / debit card dispute, that is, whether it will succeed or fail.

The cost of this service is $ 72 (depending on the number of scams, it may be more). If the complaint comes to a good conclusion according to the amount reinstated, they charge a separate commission.

You will have to register in the page that we will give you below (they will contact you by phone) and you will have to send the documents that they ask for, they will study the cases and they will notify you if it is viable the return of charges or not, if it is viable accept your case and start everything, if it is not viable simply do not accept it.

Let them know that they have to investigate each case separately and in a personalized way, and that they themselves will let you know if it is possible to return the charges or not.

The effectiveness of this service of the cases they accept is 75%.

The link that you must use to enter the page and register is this: Return of card charges or bank transfers .

It is necessary to do it from this link that I offer you, since that way you will know that you come from and they will be able to attend you better and in Spanish, if you need it, apart from being able to make a more exhaustive follow up of all the cases that we present.

Glossary of the content of the article:

However, if by mistake or ignorance you came to one of these platforms and you were cheated you will have the opportunity to legally resort to the chargeback to try to do everything possible to recover the balance you lost in the broker in question.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a demand made by a credit card provider to compensate a retailer for losses caused by a disputed or fraudulent transaction. As holder of the cards the chargeback allows us to dispute a transaction with the objective of claiming our money.

The chargeback was introduced by the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) , a US federal law enacted in 1974.

How your own name already tells us the Fair Credit Billing Act emerged to protect consumers from unfair billing practices and to provide a way to deal with billing errors from credit accounts.

It should be noted that chargebacks are a very interesting way of protecting the customer that you should know. This claim, as long as it is accepted, will help you obtain the return of your capital in certain situations.

For example, and in this particular case, you can resort to the chargeback to recover the money in a fraudulent broker , and then we will see how to do it.


How to resort to a chargeback?

If you have any problem in the trading platform you can legally resort to a chargeback . If you end up being the victim of a fraud and you lose your money you will have the option to recover it using this tool, and this is interesting.

Although this type of returns tend to occur in other types of areas, the fact is that there are already several cases of binary options reimbursements, so this is very encouraging for us. Especially for those who suffered losses due to certain circumstances.

As is logical, having an option to recover is always well received, and the chargeback can work to recover the money stolen by the scammers.

If you have a problem it is always preferable that you try to contact the online broker first, but if you still have problems, the best thing you can do is to appeal legally.

When you make this request in case it is accepted, you will receive a refund of your money as you deem most appropriate , that is, in the way that best suits you.

For example, if you made deposits using your credit card, it is logical that you receive the return capital in the same way so that the transaction is much faster and more convenient.

As we said at the beginning, you can legally appeal a chargeback to recover your money in case of fraud. But you can only resort when you have really had this problem in question, and you should not take advantage of or abuse this tool .

In fact, there is something called friendly fraud that basically consists of the abuse of return.

You must be careful with this and be very clear about the nature of the charge and the problem you have had with the broker, since in many cases it is possible that the chargebacks are unjustified and this deviates from the scope of the fraud.

How is the return process?

If you have really lost your money for bad practices in a corridor of dubious origin the best thing you can do is to resort to the chargeback. This option will allow you to fight for the money that belongs to you, so that you can have it back as soon as possible.

When you make a chargeback request for binary options this is what will happen , and then we will see the whole process so you know what you have to do.

  • In the first place, you will have to notify the issuer , which in this case will be your bank since it will be the one that intercedes for you to help you, and then request the refund of the lost money . At that time the bank will have to review the request to see if the claim conforms to the regulation, and in case this is all well accepted.
  • Then the issuer will be responsible for carrying out the necessary procedures , stripping the broker of the money he stole without your consent, withdrawing it from the bank account of the broker and returning it to its rightful owner.

In short, this would be the chargeback process.

However, the broker, once notified, can return the money according to the regulation or use his right to dispute the chargeback showing evidence to defend himself against the accusation.

At that time the bank , which is the issuer, will have to review the evidence and make a decision: confirm the initial verdict or reverse its decision to give the reason to the broker .

It should be noted that although it is interesting to know that we have alternatives to recover from losses suffered in a fraudulent broker it is also vital that you know and understand that this can be a fairly long and expensive process.

I suppose that for this reason there are many who settle for losses and try to cope as best they can.


What are the consequences of a dispute?

For online binary options brokers the consequences of a dispute can be significant, and that repeated chargebacks can lead to fines for the merchant and even to the closure of their bank accounts.

On the other hand, if we see it from the perspective of the client, in this case we would have to talk about two possible scenarios:

  • If all goes well this tool can help us recover the lost money.
  • Otherwise, a rejected claim can be identified as an attempted fraud and if this is repeated several times it can result in the immediate closure of the operator’s bank accounts for bad practices.

As you are already checking, the improper use of the chargeback may bring you problems. So when you need it, you know you can count on this tool, but if you do, make sure you have enough reasons to do it, in addition to evidence .

Let’s not forget that even if it is a measure of client protection, this possibility of receiving withdrawals from SCAM brokers can become a double-edged sword.

How to protect us from fraud?

Although it is always good news to know that we have an opportunity to recover the money lost in the fraudulent trading platforms , it is also true that we will have to fight hard to get it and that at no time will recovery of the money be guaranteed once we start the process for the return of the charge.

Precisely for this reason and to not have to fight for the money that is ours, the best thing we can do is try to avoid it. There are many options to protect us from fraud and then we will give you some useful recommendations that you can use to get it.

On the Internet you will find a huge offer of trading platforms to invest in binary options, but not all are equally reliable. Broadly speaking we could highlight two types of online binary options brokers : regulated and unregulated brokers .

In principle whenever we recommend a broker we show a special interest in what a regulated broker is chosen . The reasons? Mainly because a licensed broker is a platform that has gone through a process in which a regulatory agency, or several, has reviewed the platform and its services and has determined that it is a legit broker.

If you want to be safe on the Internet, we must be alert and not be carried away by deceptive advertisements that may cause us to end up investing money where we do not owe.

You have to take precautions and be quick not to be fooled, so from here you are warned. Also, if you want your investment experience to be as satisfactory as possible, let me give you one last piece of advice related to capital.

  • Never invest more than you can lose. Learn to properly manage your capital, establish limits and diversify everything you can.

Finally, if you want to enjoy a quality trading experience, I invite you to look for a regulated broker.

But, if this recommendation is late and unfortunately you have been a victim of a SCAM broker I hope at least that this article has been helpful.

There is nothing worse than being scammed so I hope your situation can be fixed.

Please tell us if this article has been useful for you. Thank you.