IQ Mining (automatic software for mining cryptocurrencies)

Bitcoin was the first virtual currency to appear and the one that currently has the highest value of all. ThisIt works as digital cash and can be changed both for money and how to use it for online transactions.

These cryptocurrencies can be generated in different ways and one of the most known is mining. The miners get Bitcoins, or any cryptocurrency, as a reward for their task of solving mathematical problems.

Every 10 minutes approximately thousands of nodes compete for this reward.

Glossary of the content of the article:

The work they have to do is confirm the operations and write them in a chain of blocks “blockchain” . For the mining of cryptocurrencies as well as a team you will also need to install and configure software that allows you to interact and work in the network.

Today we want to offer you information about IQ Mining , a software that will serve you to mine cryptocurrencies in a simple and profitable way.

What is IQ Mining?

IQ Mining is a software for cryptocurrency mining that began offering its services at the end of 2016. They are experts in blockchain programming and IT engineers.

At IQ Mining, they offer you the opportunity to squeeze the most out of the possibilities offered by the mining of cryptocurrencies, in order to obtain the highest profitability.

Your offer includes the most profitable virtual currencies, those considered Altcoins, and you can get the maximum benefit in your portfolio.

The future of the mining of cryptocurrencies has arrived, IQ Mining offers you the opportunity to enjoy smart mining, version 2.0.

IQ Mining includes the lower costs of hp thanks to its smart contracts with data centers and greater efficiency in mining as a result of the change to automated Altcoins mining.

IQ Mining will help you optimize your mining profits from Altcoins, offering you the best mining yields.

To avoid the risks involved in the fluctuation of prices in the exchanges, the managers of IQ Mining will take care of the conversion of Altcoins to Bitcoins from your portfolio, so that you can enjoy the best market prices.

What are the characteristics that make IQ Mining stand out?

If we had to make a comparison of the mining in IQ Mining and other mining services we could highlight the following features of the software:

  • IQ Mining allows the simultaneous mining of Altcoins , while other mining services only allow the mining of a virtual currency per contract.
  • The IQ Mining algorithm controls the mining performance and omits the Altcoins with low profitability . While in other mining services you can not change to other Altcoins if you have low mining results.
  • Due to the fluctuation in the prices of Altcoins when mining using IQ Mining you will be out of risk , since you will get your payments in Bitcoin with more liquidity.
  • The best advantage of IQ Mining software is that you will not have to pay a maintenance fee , while other mining services do require a contract maintenance fee.

How does IQ Mining work?

IQ Mining is an automatic mining software, which offers the possibility of mining Altcoins.

At IQ Mining, they rent the power of data centers, mine the most profitable Altcoins, negotiate Altcoins for Bitcoin and offer the best benefit for your investment portfolio.

Your income with IQ Mining will be protected by intelligent contracts in the main data centers. With this software you can predict costs and hp rates, and use the benefits calculator to get an estimate of your earnings and choose the plan that interests you the most.

In IQ Mining you can get a good income, you just have to register.

To open an account in IQ Mining you just have to click on ” Register ” to access the form. Complete it including the required information: name and surname, a contact number, email and password. Accept the terms and conditions and register.

If you want to start mining in IQ Mining once you register you can choose the plan that best suits you, having the opportunity to obtain up to 50% of income per month .

The bitcoin 2.0 mining offered by the IQ Mining software is very interesting and you will get your first payment in just one hour. They offer the best results, and you can calculate the benefit beforehand with total transparency.

IQ Mining offers you the opportunity to start in the mining business in 3 easy steps: register, compare an HP contract and get the first payment in just 1 hour .

With an investment of only $ 10 you can get a payment of $ 3 each month, although the more you invest the higher your potential benefits. Up to 3000 dollars you can invest in IQ Mining to get a monthly payment of 990 US dollars.

Use the profit calculator to test your options and test it today, IQ Mining is an automated cryptocurrency mining software , so you will not have to worry about anything else.

You can mine Litecoin, Ethereum , Monero, Dash, Zcash … you choose!

What types of accounts does IQ Mining offer?

In IQ Mining we can use the benefits calculator to get an idea of ​​what we can achieve thanks to this software and depending on the investment we make.

When you register you can check what different types of accounts are offered, the bronze account, the silver account and the gold account. The most popular account among customers who enjoy the automatic mining of IQ Mining is the silver account.

But hey, let’s see what these accounts are and what they offer the user.

  • Bronze Account: With the bronze account you can benefit from payments every hour and withdrawn every week.
  • Silver Account: With the silver account in addition to being able to benefit from the payments every hour you will have the opportunity to make withdrawals every day. Also, as an additional bonus you will get an extra 10% on your payments.
  • Gold Account: With the gold account you will enjoy the payments every hour and the withdrawals every day, and as an additional bonus the extra 20% on your payments.

If you invest from 0.01 BTC to 0.1 BTC you will benefit from the bronze account, and you will not have a bonus on your payments.

On the other hand, if you invest from 0.01 BTC to 1 BTC, you can benefit from the silver account and an extra 10% on the payments. Finally, if you invest from 1 BTC to 10 BTC you will benefit from the gold account and its bonus of 20% extra.

How to deposit and withdraw benefits?

When you register at IQ Mining you will have to see what is best for you and choose the account which best results can be given to you. So depending on your choice you will need to invest the minimum required for the account in question.

To invest you will need to deposit the necessary funds, and in IQ Mining you will be able to do it in many ways, easily and without any commission.

You can do it by traditional methods such as credit and debit cards and bank transfer.

You can also use some very secure electronic payment systems, and, as you would expect in a software used for the automatic mining of cryptocurrencies, you can also use these virtual currencies to make your deposits.

As for the benefits you can withdraw them depending on the type of account you have, so if you have a bronze account you can withdraw each week and if you have a silver account or a gold account you can request the withdrawal of your benefits every day.

Risk warning: “The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you can not afford to lose. Be sure to read our terms and conditions before performing any operation on our trading platform. Under no circumstances, the company has any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damage caused by the operations on this website. IQ mining does not provide services to residents of the United States. ”

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