Monero for our team is one of the cryptocurrencies that is going to give more talk in the next year 2018 and fortherefore one of which we should not lose sight of in it, to buy and invest will be one of the best of 2018.

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What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2014 derived from Bytecoin, the first virtual currency to use the CryptoNote protocol, unlike the one used for Bitcoin .

In fact, it was initially called BitMonero, using Bitcoin’s “Bit”, but later changed its name to Monero, which is how we know it today.

As a curiosity, the word Monero refers to the term “Currency” in the Esperanto language, quite a success. As for the code that uses this cryptocurrency is XMR .

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What are their characteristics?

Among its features we will highlight some of its anonymity, privacy and scalability.

One of the advantages of Monero is that all transfers are anonymous , and perhaps that is one of the reasons for its success. Everything that is decentralized and anonymous seems to like, and in fact it may even be too much, because even cybercriminals have long started to show their interest in this cryptocurrency.

Today is the cryptocurrency that offers more anonymity of all, worldwide.

Although everything is registered in a Blockchain at any time it is possible to know the actual amount of money sent, so we could say that this makes Monito cryptocurrency a much more secret option, to put it in some way.

In fact, he has already been associated on more than one occasion with the Darknet, which has been like the dark Internet, accessible only to the most knowledgeable and where you can find all kinds of illegal businesses such as arms sales, drugs …

In short, Monero is an accepted cryptocurrency for all types of transactions , including those just mentioned, and that is why it is related to the darkest part of the network.

However, Monero is like any other cryptocurrency, and can be used for all types of transactions. For that reason, and despite the bad reputation that may have among some, its price continues to rise, and grows every day that passes.

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Another characteristic of Monero is the privacy it provides, and although this can be very useful for financing all types of criminal activities, it can also help us to find out about the money we have, something that can be totally lawful.

As we know, most of the cryptocurrency that we can count by dozens at present have been developed with Bitcoin technology. However, we can say that Monero is one of the few that started with a different protocol, that of CryptoNote .

One of the most remarkable features of this technology is that the encrypted system ensures that transactions are signed by several people at the same time, and not by a single person. That is why it is the most anonymous cryptocurrency of all there is.

In terms of scalability, Monero’s differences are different from other cryptocurrencies, since the size of the block in this case has no pre-established limits, as it does with other systems where block chains have a specific number predisposed.

In Monero the size of the block is calculated automatically after a trial period, and there will always be enough reward for those who mine, plus a larger block means a greater number of operations per second.

It should be noted that Monero is a fairly liquid cryptocurrency and that it is available in the vast majority of Exchanges for which you can exchange and use it .

On the other hand, say that Monero has no emission limit, and so far around 15 million Tokens circulate.

The price of Monero at the moment is 267.90 USD.

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