The most used and effective strategies

Investments can be a good option to consider if we look for a way to earn extra money. Within investments We have different types, but undoubtedly one of the most outstanding on the Internet are investments in binary options.

Their simplicity and the great profitability they offer is what makes them so popular.

The basic principle of binary options for success is low purchase and high selling.

If you are here, you have probably already read about it and gotten soaked enough to start investing, or maybe you have already done it and look for new formulas to make the most of your money with investments in binary options.

Well, be that as it may, at this moment it’s time to talk about strategies .

List of strategies

We will try some tactics that if we use correctly can make our investments give us the maximum benefit.

Invest with Call / Put options

Normally when investing in binary options, the most common option is to buy Call or Put options, since if both positive and negative end, we will also earn money.

If the investment ends “in the money” we will take 100% of the investment and if it ends “out of the money” the brokers usually offer a return of the money invested, generally of 15%. So this is why you do not have to worry.

Invest in Call / Put at the same time

But if what we are looking for is to earn as much money as possible there are some strategies that can be very useful to us. For example, buy a Put option and a Call option at the same time.

This means that we have invested buying a Call option and when the expiration date approaches we intuit that it will end “out of the money” we will have to buy options for the reverse trend – in this case a Put option – to minimize the losses.

Double the inverted value

Among the strategies to invest in binary options, the one that I have just mentioned is the most typical. However, for those who know more about financial markets, they can choose to double the value of their investment.

For example, if we have bought an option and observed its movements, we anticipate that it will end in our favor, a very fortunate strategy is to buy another option of the same to significantly increase the benefits.

Other Blog strategies:

News guide

Another strategy that is also very effective but much more complex is based on current news about the asset for which we are going to invest. If we take as a reference the investments of currency pairs for example, imagine that you get the news that the dollar will fall.

In this case it is interesting to buy a Put option for the dollar pair yen for example.

With the rest of the investments the same, if we find out about any news that can help us invest with more knowledge because we have to take advantage of the opportunity , it is clear.

For those who really understand the behavior of financial markets, their movements and are able to analyze the news and even anticipate, it will not be very difficult to make money with these last-minute investments. Obviously those who are starting should not use this strategy, because it is a great risk of losses.

What is advisable is to take into account the trends and be well informed of everything related to the asset in question to be able to invest knowingly.

Hand in hand you should use the economic calendar as a strategy since they will be announced news and that will cause more or less studied movement of the market.

Coverage strategy

With this strategy we will be able to minimize the risks and increase the profits that, in short, is what we all want with our operations. It is about calculating the trend of the price of an asset in a few minutes and figuring out between what values ​​your price will be placed.

If for example we calculate that the price of EUR / USD will be between the amounts of 1.79 and 1.85. With both results we will bet a Call option that will rise above 1.79 and another Put option to lower it to 1.85.

With both investments, if our calculation has been good, we will be able to make money with both operations.

Taking advantage of the market rupture

With this strategy we will try to find that moment in which investors are related to many movements at once, a boiling market that is known as market rupture. This is not easy but with dedication we can differentiate false breakout movements or fakeouts .

This strategy is more indicated for investments in binary options since they are a market with less leverage than, for example, foxes.

To detect the true moments to be taken into account, there are many methods but in this case the main thing that we have to bear in mind is that market ruptures usually come after a stabilization of the market during a prudential time.

Bet in the opposite direction to the markets

For this we will have to have an economic calendar hand in hand as we will be betting against the results and news that will emerge. This may seem somewhat convoluted but with an example it will surely be clearer.

If, for example, after a news item, a market collapse is provoked, we should immediately invest in that market that is going to make an upward movement in the next few minutes or as long as we estimate.

Of course the movement to the inverse is the same and will be much more effective if we use fast market indexes such as Nasdaq or FTSE among others.