The following is the privacy policy of the Website “” (hereinafter referred to as the Website), which aims to inform all Users of the Website about the use of data and information they provide to through the Website. It excludes that information that is collected or obtained by other lawful means.

Users can access the Website and its contents by simply giving their email. However, some information regarding the name, contact information or other information of the Users may be requested and used by at your convenience. does not sell or rent the personal information of the Users. However, this information may be used by in order to improve the services provided through the Website or offer other services. In the latter case, Users will have the possibility of requesting the exclusion in the offer of these other services.

Any information or material that Users send through the Website, whether emails or any other generation of content, such as questions, comments, suggestions, or the like, will be considered non-confidential, so has no obligation to treat such information as such and is free to use any idea, concept or knowledge that is incorporated in that information or material. has implemented all the security measures for the protection of the information of the Users in order to avoid the improper use, manipulation, or unauthorized access to said information, however, the Users recognize that the indicated measures could not be sufficient in the event of the accidental loss of information, the use of new technologies or the entry of “hackers”. can not guarantee the implementation of similar measures in those websites or links contained in the Website with respect to third parties, since it has no control over them, so it is recommended that Users consult or verify privacy policies or terms of use of said sites or links.

Another type of information may be provided voluntarily by Users through surveys or questionnaires, which depends exclusively on the will of the Users. Users accept that may use said information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Users accept that by using the Website and supplying their contact information, may access said information to send communications or updates to the Website or its services. Users have the possibility to request their exclusion such communications, which will do with respect to those services or information that is under their control.

Users accept that may share their personal information with companies that provide services to This information may be used only for those activities related to, and may not be shared with any third party or used for other purposes. will retain control over this type of information.

Said information may also be shared with other third parties if the Users have given their consent, or if it is required by judicial or administrative authorities. may arrange and transmit the information of the Users stored in its databases to a third party that acquires the ownership or operation of the services related to the Website, either partially or totally. They may also communicate said information when required by the corresponding legislation. In case of occurrence, such circumstances will be announced on the Website.

By accessing the Website, Users accept the Terms and Conditions of Use, and by providing their personal data authorize to share such personal information when circumstances indicate the eventual commission of a crime.

Likewise, may share collective anonymous information, or third parties, about visitors to the Website, for purposes of statistics and assessment of new services.

Users may provide, modify or update their personal information at any time provided that the information provided on the Website is real and true.

If Users wish to revoke the consent granted by accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Website’s Privacy Policy, they may do so through the procedure indicated on the Website or through the email , indicating the reasons for such situation.

Users understand and accept that the Website is aimed at people over 18 years of age, and that the Privacy Policy may be revised and modified by at any time, without any obligation to notify the changes made to it. It is the responsibility of the Users to periodically review the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website.