The guide on Binary options in the USA and Great Britain

If you are interested in knowing everything about trading with binary options you are in the right place, from we welcome you. How are you? I hope you want to learn, because here you will find all the information you need, and much more!

From we want to share with you everything we know about binary options from the beginning to the end. So on this website you can find information about what binary options are and how you can – and should – operate them and how important it is to choose a good broker, and above all that is regulated.

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We will also give you some useful tips to start your investments well and we will warn you of the risks of negotiating with binary options.

On the other hand, if you are going to invest it will be very useful to know what strategies and resources you can use, and even if you do not have experience it is very important that you take advantage of the demo account to do your tests.

In you will find all the information about trading with binary options but you will also learn about other investment instruments such as Forex, CFDs and ETFs, which are products that are gaining popularity in binary options platforms .

What are the binary options?

They are an investment instrument that offers two possibilities: obtain a fixed return or absolutely nothing.

This means that if we negotiate we can win and lose. But is not this what happens with any investment?

Yes of course, but what I meant by winning and losing is that in trading there are two possible options: CALL operations and PUT operations. So, depending on the choice we make and if we succeed, or not, we can win or lose.

By its nature, the options can offer us two possible results, that the operation ends “in the money” that means successfully and that it does “out the money” which means with losses. The goal for the operation to beat with profits is to hit the trend.

In fact, they are known precisely as “All or nothing” options for this, since by choosing between two options you can hit and win or fail and lose.

In trade with this type of financial instrument, the objective is to analyze and detect the direction of the prices of the underlying assets.

So when you operate with binaries you will be trading for the trend that will have the prices of currencies, commodities, indexes and stocks, and you will not even need to buy and sell to get a performance, you will only have to make predictions and choose the correct option: CALL for an uptrend and PUT for the bassist.

How should we operate with binary options?

If you are going to negotiate you will see that the trading platform is quite intuitive and what is relatively easy to execute the operations.

In trading with options, predictions are made based on the trends in asset prices, that is, what we have to know if the price will rise or fall to know in which direction to invest.

In trading with binary options you can negotiate up and down, so we will have two possibilities to choose from, and we will have to do it well if we want to hit and get the profit.

Depending on how you operate, upwards using the purchase option (CALL) or down using the put option (PUT), and how the final result is, you can get the expected returns. In addition, you can operate in the short and medium term with options since you will find them with different expiration periods, from only 30 or 60 seconds.

One of the advantages is that these investments already announce you the return in advance, so before negotiating you will be able to know what performance the operation will have and this in some way will serve you to control your investments much better.

Obviously, like any investment, it has its difficulty and its risk, so binary options have to be taken as seriously as any other investment instrument.

Do not ever play at random with binary options , and do frequent analysis to know the state of the markets and control – in some way – the price movements of the assets.

Forex, CFDs, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies

It is becoming increasingly common to find trading platforms that, in addition to binary operations, offer us the possibility to trade in other products such as Forex and CFDs, and lately also in ETFs.

And this is very interesting because in a single platform we will have the possibility of negotiating with different products, and this is usually quite useful, either for convenience to operate or even to allow us to diversify investments.

  • FOREX . With the acronym of Foreign Exchange is how we know the largest currency market in the world. In its day it emerged to facilitate the monetary flow of international trade, but now it has become another alternative to generate profits buying and selling currencies. It is a decentralized market and where more volume of daily transactions are made. From your broker you will have access to very liquid crosses, to exotic pair combinations, and all the foreign currency offerings you can imagine. And with the possibility of leverage.
  • CFDs . If you are already familiar with trading in binary options, trading CFDs will be easier for you. It is also a derivative investment product, which will allow you to make transactions on the movements of the prices of the assets. The main differences are that they do not have a fixed maturity and what is a leveraged instrument. Many think that it is an improved version of the binary options, although evidently they are different products.
  • ETFs . It is about quoted funds, something similar to a hybrid between an investment fund and an action. When you acquire an ETF you will be acquiring a basket of securities, as if you were investing in an investment fund, with the difference that the ETF will quote in the Stock Exchange just as an action would . These ETFs replicate the index that they have by reference and can be purchased at any time during the market session, and the price that we will pay when we make the order will always be known. They do not require a minimum investment and they do not have an expiration date either, so they can be maintained indefinitely until we want to get rid of it.
  • Cryptocurrencies . Interesting investments in cryptocurrency, we can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Rippel, among others.

Is it important to register with a regulated broker?

Of course, registering with a regulated broker is the most important thing of all .

A regulated broker is a broker that will allow you to operate with guarantees, because it is authorized and licensed by the competent regulatory bodies.

The regulatory body par excellence and the one in charge of monitoring and supervising these trading platforms is the National Securities Market Commission of Cyprus, known as CySEC . You could say that this is the main body, although within the European Union we have many other regulatory bodies, each country has one.

To negotiate, one must take into account the high volatility of the markets and that it is possible to lose part or all of the capital of the investment.

A broker must always be transparent in its relations with customers, and that’s why it should include all the information about the company in a visible place within its website.

It is also important that in addition to the license offer protection for the funds by separating them into accounts different from the broker funds , and if you have a compensation plan to be able to take charge of the reimbursements in case the broker has problems, well better.

In we will offer you reviews about the best regulated brokers to operate, because we want you to enjoy a 100% secure trading experience.

Are the strategies to operate important?

Of course, strategies are important to operate. In we will know all kinds of strategies so you can operate with the best results.

To invest in a trading platform we will need:

  • A plan with defined objectives
  • A trading strategy to get the returns
  • A correct management of capital

Once you know the operative, and before starting to operate, the main thing is that you have a plan with clear objectives, and that you carry out the most appropriate strategy to fulfill them.

There are many strategies, so I would recommend you try it until you feel comfortable with a system. A very common mistake is to invest with the wrong strategy, or worse, without a certain strategy.

When you have it, the most important thing is to know how to carry it out from start to finish, and use all the tools and information you need to do it.

It is always important, in addition to having an effective strategy, to know how to properly manage capital. This means that you do not have to invest too much money to begin with, and that you should take into account the risk of the operation to adjust the amount of money to invest.

Although greater risk may involve more benefits, it is not always convenient to open an operation with too much capital. You have to know how to handle money with a head.

On the other hand, it is interesting that in order to make the most of the available capital, you choose to diversify it, since this way you will get your investments more balanced.

From we recommend what, whether a moderate or riskier strategy, always look for ways to increase your potential benefits and minimize the risk of losses.

There is the key, only then you can have results in your favor.

Are demo accounts fundamental to begin?

Yes and no. If you already have experience in trading it will not be necessary to start trading with a demo account , since most platforms work in a similar way so if you already tried once you will not need to start with a test account.

But, in the case that you are starting trading, I would recommend using a demo account. For several reasons:

  • To familiarize yourself with the platform and the operation
  • To start trading and practice without real funds
  • To test investment strategies and techniques

So, is a demo account essential to start? Yes, if you want to start on the right foot in the world of trading it is usually recommended for all the reasons that we have just given you.

In fact, if you know how to maximize all the possibilities offered by a demo account, it will be useful for you.

How we should deposit or withdraw money in a broker

To invest the main thing will be to make a deposit to finance the account, and well, it is important to know if the deposit methods they offer are safe.

In most platforms you will have different methods to make both your deposits and to request the withdrawal of the profits you obtained with the trading.

Among the methods of payment, it is usual for the broker to offer a variety of methods, including:

  • Credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard …)
  • Electronic payment systems (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill …)
  • Online bank transfer

The most commonly used methods are cards, mostly for convenience, at least in Spain. For example, in other countries it is much more common for operators to have to resort to electronic payment systems or get a prepaid card to carry out these transactions with the broker.

On the other hand, we also have online transfers.

The procedure to make a deposit does not have any mystery, simply select how much you want to send to the broker and choose the method with which you feel most comfortable.

It should be noted that in many platforms the method to request the withdrawal must be the same as to make the deposit. Basically, this is true for security reasons.

On the other hand, if you want more security when withdrawing your earnings we advise you to look for a broker who, in addition to verifying your identity in the registry, also asks you for confirmation when requesting payment.

So there is no risk that a third party can access your account and receive the benefits you got with trading.

Beware of scams and fraud in binary options

For a few years now, trading has become increasingly popular, spreading to all corners of the planet. And that’s why new brokers do not stop showing us offering this investment product.

Obviously, although having a wide offer is fine since it allows us to choose where to invest, it is very important that we are alert not to fall into the trap of those fraudulent brokers .

That is why from we want you to analyze it thoroughly before registering on a trading platform, and that you do not make any deposit until you make sure that the broker is legit. It is understood? It is very, very important!

If you have already been scammed by a fraudulent broker, we advise you to read our article about Mychangeback , a company with which you can recover your cheated money.

To avoid a broker scam the main thing in what you should notice is in its regulation.

At first we commented that it was very important to register in a regulated broker to enjoy trading with guarantees, and it is true, because you will also avoid opening an account where you should not and that, unwittingly, you end up becoming a victim of a scam.

Basic and useful tips to start trading today

To invest, in addition to choosing the most suitable broker for you, you will need to understand about the underlying assets and their operations.

If you want to get benefits it is important that you learn everything about digital options so that trading offers you the results you expect.

So you can get off to a good start, here are some useful tips:

  • Train yourself: If you are going to invest binary options it is very important that you learn about the product and how it operates. Many do not care about this and end up suffering losses from the first minute, and I guess you do not want that, right? It is important that you take your time in learning and that you are in no hurry to start investing in binary options. Do things right, and start learning.
  • Practice: The next logical step after learning is to practice. Even if you have knowledge – at least the most basic – about trading with binary options it is possible that initially the results are not as expected and that is usually due to lack of experience. But there’s no problem! How about the possibility of practicing everything you learn about binary options without risking your money? It is possible, using a demo account you can practice everything you need without risk.
  • Diversify: When you feel ready to start investing in a real account it is important that before making a deposit you stop to think about how you would better manage your money. Above all, it is important that you adjust to your needs, that you do not overdo it and that you diversify as much as possible. Regardless of how your activity is on the platform, if you manage the capital with responsibility, the results that you will get are sure to be better.

Risk warning of operating with binary options

If you are looking to know more about binary investments surely it is because you have seen some of its many advantages. However, from we also want to warn you about the risks involved in operating with this type of option.

Binary operations are a difficult product to understand, and how they say from the CNMV is not suitable for any trader. It is important to understand the operation and the risk involved in this type of negotiation, because in trading you can lose part of your capital or the whole.

As we said at the beginning, binary operations are known as an “All or nothing” product, and that is precisely what we must take into account to invest, which can not always be earned and which is not so easy to do.

To avoid unnecessary risks , you should know the assets and everything that may affect them, since in trading with binary options you negotiate with the prices, so you have to know in which direction they will move to send the appropriate order to the online platform .

For this we can resort to analysis, use different tools that offer us information on trends and other resources as useful as the economic calendar that helps us to be prepared for the possible reactions of the markets.

In this market the volatility is very high, so you must take into account what is very important to constantly analyze the assets because the prices move a lot, and if you are not updated this could hurt you when executing the orders.

On the other hand, it is important that in addition to diversifying your capital you operate with a strategy to minimize the risk of losses.

If you act with a defined plan and this is effective you should have no problem to invest successfully, as long as you negotiate with control, and without letting yourself be carried away by emotions. Operating with discipline is very important.

I recommend you practice as much as you can, so you will avoid your first losses from your lack of experience and you will be able to start operating in the real market when you are really prepared and have confidence in you and in your investment strategy.

To conclude, we hope that will help you learn trading and find all the information you need to do so. Of course, if you have any questions you can contact us without fear, what we are here to help you, so ask with confidence.